Window Cleaning

Traditional Window Cleaning

Benefits of cleaning by hand

Window cleaning is really very simple. The vast majority of the time, and where safe to do so, there is no better way to clean a window than by getting up close and cleaning it by hand. The cleaner can then make sure that all the sills and frames are clean and the drips are wiped.

Many window cleaning companies are shying away from cleaning traditionally for safety reasons, but also because it’s easier, quicker and therefore considerably cheaper, not to.

If quality is more important to you than the economy, then remember it is NOT illegal to use ladders; ladders can be used safely, and, for some houses, cleaning by hand is a viable option.

Internal Windows by hand

Cleaning inside may seem easier, in that no ladders are normally required. However, window cleaning inside often needs more thought and care. Having the insides of your windows cleaned professionally can make a huge difference to the appearance of your home.


Water Fed Pole Cleaning


Benefits of pure water system

The pure water system is fast becoming the most popular method of window cleaning. the telescopic water fed poles attached to soft bristle brush heads can be used to clean walls and windows of up to 70 feet, making it one of the safest ways to clean windows. Because of its speed, it is also generally cheaper. 


How it works

It is called a pure water system because it uses distilled water, which has had the entire mineral content of the water removed. After brushing the window and frames, the de-ionised water does its chemical best to return to its mineralised state, absorbing the dirt as it does so. Once the windows and frames are thoroughly rinsed off, they should dry completely streak free.


Other Benefits

The other great benefit of the pure water system is that in addition to panes and walls, it can also clean frames, gutter fascia and cladding. Keeping these clean and well maintained will ultimately postpone the need for a new paint job.



The system, however, does have its limits. Sticky tape and tough stains like paint, putty, varnish or old bird mess may need to be cleaned by hand, or detailed. Also the windows must be cleaned regularly and even when they are, it normally takes the system two or three cleans before the windows look completely free of marks. This is because of impurities left on the glass and frames after the initial clean, or too much dirt deposited on the windows due to irregular cleaning. So if you are looking for a one-off clean, or only like your windows cleaned twice a year, this may not be the system for you. Instead we offer traditional cleaning.